Case Study: When to use a Quiz or Survey?

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With the growing usage of quizzes and surveys for lead generation and marketing purposes, some may still be wondering how to use these as part of their business model. In our other blog posts, we have highlighted how quizzes and surveys are a great lead generation tool, and in this blog post, we want to show you a couple of potential applications to give you some ideas. We hope this post inspires you!  

Application 1: Coaches

Many coaches have transitioned to offering online courses and sessions as a result of work-from-home orders. If you are just starting out as a coach or are looking to grow your business, try implementing a self-test as a way to generate leads. We have seen clients add a quiz to their targeted social media campaigns with excellent results. Try topics like “What’s Your Leadership Style?” if you are a leadership coach, or “What’s Your Work-From-Home Persona?” if you are focused on lifestyle. Now is a great time to optimize and grow your business and implementing a survey or self-test that targets your potential customers is a great way to do so.  

Application 2: Real Estate

Real estate is an industry with a lot of variables, making it the perfect candidate for Quizchecks. As potential leads come to your website and seek assistance, you can implement a quiz in the form of an application to determine what size of property they are looking for, their budget, and other variables important to your business. This will help you save time during the initial outreach to the client, as you will already know key points about them and their needs, saving you both time.  

Application 3: Personal Trainer

Perhaps the lockdown has made you rethink your dependence on gyms and fitness studios, and you are branching out as a personal trainer. Using a quiz or survey as part of your social media strategy can help you connect with potential clients, and can help you determine what their goals are for their training. Maybe some are looking to lose the additional weight gained while at home, and others may be looking to regain the muscles they had before. This will help you determine the service to offer and can also help you realize areas of opportunity based on feedback.   As you can see, there are several potential applications for quizzes and surveys as part of your marketing strategy. Whether you are integrating Quizchecks on your “Contact” page, or as part of your social media marketing strategy, we are sure that our easy-to-use software can help you generate leads.

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