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With Quizchecks, you have everything you need to find the right people for your offers and to sell your valuable knowledge on the Internet - and all of this is automated to increase sales and scale companies faster.
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  • Find the RIGHT people for your offers automatically
  • Define potential customers in ADVANCE and thus increase your conversion rates
  • DON’T WASTE TIME anymore with long ineffective sales calls due to insufficient prior information
  • INCREASE your sales and SCALE your business faster
  • Make money easily and quickly with your VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE
  • No obligations, no contracts, cancel anytime!

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How and for what you can use “Quizchecks” perfectly:

How and for what you can use "Quizchecks" perfectly:

With Quizchecks...

  • MARKET RESEARCH & SURVEYS ..you can easily and quickly find out what your target group needs and/or is interested in.
  • SELF TESTING ..help people find out what problem they have and offer them the right solution.
  • ANALYSES ..you create analyses of people or processes and help them improve their current situation.
  • APPLICATIONS ..through targeted questions you can find out whether the person is suitable for your product, a special service, or a network marketing job. So, you can automatically find the right people in a very short time span.
  • TRIPWIRE & ONLINE PRODUCTS  Are you an expert and want to make money with your knowledge and high-quality analyses? No problem! Quizchecks offers you everything you need.
  • FREE-PLUS-SHIPPING ..you can quickly and easily start a free-plus-shipping-funnel to automatically receive all the data you need to ship your products.
  • SUPPORT ..you create your support center, with which you can offer your customers fast and uncomplicated support along with personalized answers based on their questions, automatically.

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A big thank you to ALL the Quizchecks are already in use and generate their leads automatically from now!

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Increase your leads and get new clients with Quizchecks – the first online tool for personalized surveys, self-tests, analyses, applications and much more – with automatically generated email replies and auto-reply function.


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