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With all of the challenges that businesses (and people) have faced during 2021, you may be thinking about how you can add new revenue streams to your business. As you know, at Quizchecks, we specialize in providing an easy-to-use online software to build quizzes, surveys, and analyses. But do you know that you can also sell your quizzes or analyses with our licensing function? In this blog post, we will share with you how to set this up so you can start earning money with Quizchecks!  

Getting started

1) Set up your account In order to start earning money with Quizchecks, you need to set up your account either in our “Quizchecks Premium” or “Quizchecks Platinum” plan. Once you have signed up for a plan, you can connect your account to Stripe for the payouts, which can easily be done in your “Quizchecks Profile Settings.” 2) Select your topic and create a quiz Setting up your first quiz is easy. Simply enter your questions with potential answers for each question – for a quiz, a self-test, an analysis, a qualification-survey, or whatever your idea is. 3) Set responding time With Quizchecks, you can decide if your automated email answers will be sent immediately, or with a time delay. By selecting the time delay option, you can set when the email will be sent after someone has completed the analysis. For example, AFTER a certain amount of time (such as four hours) or AT a specific time (for example, at 10:00 and 17:00 with an end-user waiting time of 3 hours minimum between). This means if a user fills out at 9:00, he will receive his analysis at 17:00. 4) Set your price and description Under the settings, you will add the net price for one-time execution, along with the title and description of your product. 5) Implement the quiz on your website Once you have completed your quiz, you will see a link to your Payment URL on the main overview page. Simply copy this link and link your website visitors to this URL so that they can make the payment for the analysis in advance. 6) After they have made the payment, they will automatically receive a license-key with a link to your analysis per email to start.  

Who can use this function?

Anyone! Whether you are a trainer, coach, speaker, a university, or a business, you are able to use Quizchecks to add an additional income stream to your business. For example, a coach focused on sleeping behaviour may develop a detailed analysis of the factors that affect their clients’ sleep, including both physical and mental factors. This would help clients understand how they can improve their sleep, based on their answers to the analysis. The automatic response can provide a detailed description of what kind of sleeper they are, and what factors they can change to improve upon their sleep. All of this is done automatically through Quizchecks, but all emails remain highly personalized. In addition, Quizchecks can be used:
  • By marketers as a lead magnet implemented as part of their social media campaigns, or as a tripwire to sell other online marketing products.
  • Work in a research or university setting? Why not sell your analyses to other companies within the same field? This will save them time while earning you a little extra money.
  • Or perhaps you set up a quiz that other businesses can benefit from using as a lead generation tool as well. You can sell yours to them!
As you can see, there are a number of potential applications to help you earn money using Quizchecks.  

But how do I get paid?

The end-user (the person distributing your test) pays in advance to start your analysis and receives an automatic license key. This allows them to take your analysis either instantly or at a later time. The payment received from the sale of your analysis will be paid to your account within 3 to 7 days. Please note that we do charge a service fee of 3.9% of net sales, plus €1 per payout to your account. We hope that this blog post has helped open your eyes to the possibilities of Quizchecks, not just as a lead generator, but as a way to earn some additional money. If you are already building quizzes and analyses to use in your market, maybe you want to consider selling these to others. Both options are easy to set up through our website, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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