Top Ideas for Lead Generation in 2022

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As 2022 continues to challenge businesses worldwide, you may be re-evaluating your lead generation strategy to discover new opportunities. There are many ways that you can generate leads, including on your website, through social media, as well as through a number of plug-ins and extensions to add to your browser. The most important thing to consider, though, is how you can provide a value exchange, which will make the potential lead hand over their email address. In this blog article, we will share some of our favourite lead generation tools to try out as part of your online marketing activities this year.  

Online Webinars

More people are working from home and may be thinking about how to grow their career. This is an excellent opportunity to host a free online webinar to teach people about your company, industry, or product. As people sign up for your webinar, they will happily hand over their email because they receive something in return. After the webinar, you can then send a follow-up email out to participants to further sell your product or service, perhaps even offering webinar participants a discount. While webinars do require some effort on the front-end, the payout can be significant as you can reuse your recordings to run your webinar more frequently.  


Along the vein of offering a free webinar, many companies are producing eBooks to use as a lead generation tool. This can be a guide to using one of your products, or an educational book within your field, but the key is to embed the book in a funnel to make sure people provide their email before downloading. Once again, you should follow up with all the people who have downloaded the book to offer your product or services and continue to grow this lead.  

Online Quizzes and Surveys

Online quizzes and surveys are increasingly becoming recognized as a great lead generation tool. They enable you to ask potential leads questions to determine the product or service they are looking for or to offer the right thing, aiding you when you need to reach out for the initial phone call. This also allows you to pre-select potential leads to ensure that you are not following a dead-end lead. Not only can quizzes and surveys be used on your website, but they can also be implemented through your social media campaigns or through your email marketing efforts to existing customers.  

Engage Influencers in Your Niche

Using influencers has become increasingly popular as part of a company’s marketing strategy, depending on which industry you are in. While you may be thinking that influencers are strictly for Instagram or the fashion world, that is no longer the case. Through the years, more and more people have become “micro-influencers” within their niche, and have amassed a large following. Depending on your industry, you may find LinkedIn a helpful tool in discovering these influencers, and you can simply reach out to them to see if they are interested in collaborating.   The marketing landscape is constantly changing and with the ongoing development of Quizchecks, we are sure that we and our customers will continue to be at the forefront. Our Online-Tool is easy to use and allows you to fully customize your brand and messaging. All quiz or survey answers can be sent with a personalized, automated email to quiz participants. Try Quizchecks now as part of your lead generation funnel in 2022 and share your experience with us!

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